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Webb City R-VII School District

 The mission ofthe Webb City R-VII School District is to prepare today’s youth to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world, and it certainly does that.  The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education have accredited the district with distinction in performance for the past seven out of eight years. R-VII officials, teachers and aides are responsible for the education and well being of the more than 4,000 students in the district. Comprised of five other communities besides Webb City, the district has experienced an annual growth rate of approximately sixty new students since 1992.

           The quality of the school district is an economic driving force, attracting families and industry.  The dedication of the school board, administration, faculty and staffis matched only by the enthusiasm shown by patrons of the district, who have approved approximately $27 million in new buildings or existing building renovation since 1992. This includes the construction of four new elementary buildings, a 1,019-seat performing arts center and new band room in the high school; improvements and additions to the Carterville Elementary School, the Webb City Junior High and the Webb City Senior High; and upgraded technology at nearly every school site. The R-VII district consists of 11 school facilities ranging from Early Childhood through 12th grade, including seven elementary schools.   There is a 18 - 1 ratio of teachers to students.   

        The school system has made a strong commitment with its support of the popular A+ program, where students who qualify and meet specific requirements receive college tuitions for several Missouri-based institutions of higher education. Enrichment programs for gifted students and programs for special needs students are provided for children of all ages. The qualityand success of these programs have led to increases in student enrollment during the last decade. Strong teams in the Academic Bowl and Speech and Debate highlight the district’s superior extra-curricular activities, ranging from academics to the arts and sports.

         The efforts of the fine arts departments produce outstanding vocal and instrumental musicians, as well as a strong drama department. The 400-member combined junior and senior high school bands are often highlights at local parades and festivals and on January 2, 2006 participated in the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade. Webb City High School annually hosts the Southwest Missouri Showcase of Show Choirs competition, which invites more than 1,000 students from around Missouri into town for a day. The Webb City High School Jazz Festival was launched with much fanfare in 2002 and the drama department produces three annual plays, one especially for children. The Show Choir and jazz band often spice up school assemblies and civic festivals. 

          Years of toil have hammered out statewide respect for the school’s various sports programs.  Since 1989 the Webb City High School Fighting Cardinals have helped place the school on the Missouri sports map by winning seven football, two baseball, twosoftball and one basketball state championships.  As the result seventeen consecutive graduating classes have experienced at least one team sport state championship somewhere between their sophomore and senior year in high school. Other sports programs at Webb City include aquatic teams, golf, tennis, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, and track and field.



Webb City R-VII Telephone Numbers:

Central Office 673-6000

Franklin Early Childhood Education Center 673-6070

Parents As Teachers 673-6073

Madge T. James (Kindergarten) 673-6075

Carterville Elementary School (K-4th grades) 673-6080

Harry S Truman Elementary (2nd-4th grades) 673-6085

Bess Truman Primary Center (K-1st grades) 673-6055

Webster Primary Center (1st-2nd grades) 673-6060

Mark Twain Elementary (3rd-4th grades) 673-6050

Eugene Field Elementary (3rd-4th grades) 673-6040

Middle School (5th-6th grades) 673-6045

Junior High (7th-8th grades) 673-6030

High School (9th-12th grades) 673-6010

Buck Miner Swimming Pool 673-6020


Southwest Center for Educational Excellence is an education service organization serving 45 school districts and two colleges in southwest Missouri. The Center impacts more than 48,000+ students and 4,800 educators. The spirit of cooperation lies at the heart of the consortium as members work together to develop services by combining expertise.

The center is a leader in curriculum, having developed Missouri Curriculum Guides in mathematics, communication arts, science, social studies, health/physical education, and fine arts. Adapting these guides locally empowers Missouri districts to meet state requirements. These curricula are now marketed to non-member districts and will be accessible online in 2002.

Southwest Center is meeting the challenge of improving America 's students' performance in mathematics and science by working with the National Science Foundation in several science/math improvement initiatives to improve teaching methods in these two subjects.


Crowder College Webb City Campus

It is the mission of Crowder College to offer students access to quality education.  The branch campus in Webb City is a convenient location for students who live or work near Webb City.  Students can complete their entire Associate degree in a variety of programs including: Business Administration, Child Development, Fire Science, General Studies (undecided), History, Psychology, and Sociology/Human Services.  Students enrolled in other programs of study can complete their general education classes in Webb City.  Flexible class scheduling provides busy students the opportunity to take classes during the day, twilight, or evenings.   Students who graduate from A+ accredited high schools can use their A+ benefits at Crowder in Webb City.  The A+ program currently pays for a student’s tuition and common fees such as lab fees and facility use fees. Some of the benefits of attending Crowder College in Webb City include:

  • Experienced, friendly staff trained to provide financial aid assistance, placement testing, academic and career advising, and enrollment assistance  Instructors highly qualified and experienced in the courses they are teachingSmall class size, on average 18 students, allows instructors greater opportunity to interact with students Free tutoring is provided to all students in any subject area
  • Established English and math tutoring labs allow students extra study time and assistance  


The Webb City Campus is located at 600 S. Ellis.  For more information and to see a listing of courses offered in Webb City, log on to the Web site www.crowder.edu or call 417-673-2345. 

Crowder College is accredited by the North Central Association and offers a wide-array of associate degrees, professional certificates, career and industrial training, community education opportunities and online courses. Graduates of the Associate of Arts programs are admitted without examination to junior standing in all public universities and colleges in Missouri as well as many outside the state.

Students can complete their entire Associates degree in a variety of programs including Business Administration, Child Development, Fire Science, General Studies (undecided), History, Psychology, and Sociology/Human Services. Students enrolled in other programs of study will be able to complete their general education classes in Webb City.

Crowder College 's Webb City Center is located at 600 S. Ellis. For more information regarding Crowder College and to see a listing of courses offered in Webb City log on to their website (www.crowdercollege. ) or call 417-673-2345.


MSSU is just a five-minute drive from Webb City. This four-year university offers more than 100 undergraduate degree options in the Schools of Arts & Sciences, Business Administration, Education, and Technology. MSSU also offers cooperative masters degrees in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Dental Hygiene, Nursing, and Teaching. MSSU has a statewide international mission with an award-winning themed semester program to prepare our students to compete in the global economy. The University features a liberal arts program with professional orientation; exciting NCAA Division II athletics; stimulating fine arts events; active campus recreation and intramural programs; state-of-the-art facilities; quality academic programs; small classes; and excellent and accessible professors. Simply put, MSSU offers one of the best values of education anywhere. We invite you to Join the Lion Pride!


Also located in Joplin, OCC has an enrollment of 757 students in an undergraduate Bible college preparing men and women for vocational and non-vocational Christian leadership. This preparation includes Biblical studies, general studies and professional studies.


Located in Miami, Oklahoma, 31 miles southeast of Webb City, NEO has two-year curricula in agriculture, behavioral sciences, business, computer, industrial sciences, communications and health sciences.


A Few Great Things about Pittsburg State University are:

  • The People - Home to more than 7,000 students and 800+ faculty and

staff, the close mentoring relationships students build with faculty set PSUapart from the competition.

  • The Programs - Students can choose from more than 100 undergrad and

graduate majors, some of which are among the best in the country, particularly in the College of Technology.

  • The Campus - 373 beautiful acres dotted with buildings that contain

state-of-the art instructional equipment provide a safe and productivelearning environment.

  • The Community - Students, faculty, employers, community leaders,

etc., sustain a strong bond between PSU and the local community, making thempartners in progress.

  • The Opportunities - Strong ties with industry, hundreds of

internships, and a 96% placement rate upon graduation give PSU students aworld of opportunities.

  • The Price - Costing less than many regional competitors, PSU

continues to provide a world-class education at an affordable price.

  • The Research - Cutting edge research in grain science, lupus, and

polymers, to name a few, takes place every day on the PSU campus, andstudents can be a part of it all.

  • The Game - Join 11,000 other fans on a Saturday in the fall and

you'll see why Gorilla Village and Carnie Smith Stadium provide a unique D-2football experience.

  • The Gorilla - PSU is the only university in the nation with the Gorilla as a mascot

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